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World Events Programme

When women gather and support one another, we can achieve amazing things and make a real difference in the world.

From gender inequality to homelessness, from the cost of living crisis to climate change. Almost every major social issue in the UK and around the world, disproportionately affects women and girls. With this series, we are calling on like-minded women to come together to share their passions, their projects, their knowledge, and their ideas. These gatherings, talks and workshops are a chance to explore the issues you are passionate about and to join a community of women making meaningful change in the world.


Aspire 1 Coldbath Square, Farringdon, London, United Kingdom

It takes effort to create, sustain, nurture and grow our networks and we need to know how to grow our networks safely and create the influence important to our goals.

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Aspire 1 Coldbath Square, Farringdon, London, United Kingdom

This workshop is an opportunity to learn from others outside of your normal sphere, get inspired and give yourself a courage boost to get going on your plans for the future. In addition, it helps you to develop confidence not only in yourself but also in others.

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Aspire 1 Coldbath Square, Farringdon, London, United Kingdom

Often described as gravitas, authority or the elusive 'X' factor, Presence and Impact dramatically enhance your ability to connect with senior people, motivate others and drive positive change.

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Aspire 1 Coldbath Square, Farringdon, London, United Kingdom

We are living in a new era where vulnerabilities can become strengths, what used to be stigma becomes humanity and people must believe that they belong, and they can bring their authentic self to work. Leadership Vitality encompasses health, vibrance, belonging, spirit, and verve — terms rarely found in leadership textbooks.

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Pure inspiration

"It was a pure inspiration. I have the empowerment to change static views and engage further in equality for women. Every woman needs to engage with Aspire and every woman in power needs to step up for those who can't. It crosses borders, it crosses sectors, it unites a flame inside you to stand up, raise the roof, to make a change with a massive support crew in tow.

Helena Clarke

Ambassador, ONE Campaign

Positive Impact

“Aspire’s events made an excellent and positive impact to the point where my head is on straight, my aspirations are clear and people are queuing up for my attention. Oh - and I've become one of those women who can stop misbehaving children with a look - I used to be such a push over.”

Joanna Fitzgerald

Senior Leader OD and Change, British Airways


“You tell the truth as it is and share the journey of how to move from the reality of day to day experience to the aspirational end game vision - that really helps.”

Anna Saunderson

Global Lead Partner, Human Capital Programme, Barclays Investment Bank

The best investment

“The best investment in training and development and a day of my time, that I have made over a 30 year career (which included a medical degree and an MBA!).”

Dr Penny Woods

Chief Exec, British Lung Foundation

Straight to the core issues

"No messing around, you get straight to the core issues. No awful role plays or endless feedback sessions which don't add value."

Nicola Browell

Head of Claims, Tesco Underwriting

Our female leaders are thriving

“Our female leaders are thriving because of attending the Aspire programme. I am now counting on them to pay that forward by supporting, encouraging and coaching other women who are trying to find their purpose, voice and authentic leadership style in their careers”

Elizabeth Vega

CEO, Informed Solutions

The workshop was life changing

"Truly inspirational, and personally for me, the workshop was life changing. One of the best workshops I have ever attended; an extremely engaging day where you went away with key action points rather than just theory."

Nisha Manaktala

Head of IT, Autoprotect Ltd

Totally empowered

"I’m being bolder because of Aspire. Totally empowered!"

Gemma Adams

Corporate Partnerships, NSPCC

A force for change, inspiration and encouragement to leaders

"Great content, fantastic energy. Thanks for your amazing vision and for taking us all along with you. The vibe though Avtrade has changed since I stumbled across Aspire. Today we’re a force for change, inspiration and encouragement to leaders (whatever gender) and to all staff across the company."

Tracy Keegan

Director Of Contract Management, Avtrade Ltd

Absolutely do it

"Absolutely do it. Come on the event and be committed to making sure that you do take action and keep connected with the women that you meet on this event because that's really where the power lies."

Laila Khan

Head Of Audit - Retail Customer Products, Lloyds Banking Group