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This workshop forms part of our young women and girls leadership programme. We believe that young women at critical junctures in their lives should have access to empowering tools, inspiration and community to help them soar in their lives and future careers and equip them to become our next generation and leaders.

We know how demanding school and life can be, and we all face challenges that test our resilience. But taking time out for yourself is an investment in your future success and happiness, as well as a necessity for advancing in your future career. In this workshop, we will explore practical strategies to enhance your resilience, allowing you to bounce back from adversity, manage stress and discover the tools you need to thrive in your life, workplace and career.

What Makes Us Different?

  • The first company in the UK and a 22 year track record of running inspirational, research-supported workshops designed specifically for the needs and aspirations of women.
  • Our courses are not about women changing or being 'fixed', they are about skill development, the world needing to catch up with women and what we can do to accelerate that change. 
  • Highly interactive and coaching based approach.
  • 1-for-1 sponsorship initiative ensures that every paying participant is also a catalyst for another young woman’ to attend fostering a supportive, pay-it-forward community of female leaders.
  • Small group of up to 12 allowing for a unique and personal experience.

Sponsorship Programme

At each Aspire event, 50% of the participants sponsor the other 50% to attend. Every paying participant is a sponsor for someone who doesn’t have the means at the moment for whatever reason to attend an Aspire event, providing them with access to the same enriching experience and networking opportunities as the other. It’s where one woman’s investment multiplies into a community of support and encouragement, a ripple effect that will extend far beyond the event itself. Learn more here


The Constance Boardroom & Lounge at Coldbath Square, London, UK

This elegant boardroom in our building is named after Lady Constance Lytton, a prominent figure in the women’s suffrage movement in the UK. This room is designed to embody Constance Lytton’s courage and inspire the next generation of women leaders. It is an ideal setting for training young women and girls, providing them with the inspiration and skills they need to champion gender equality. Let it be a space where the torch of activism is passed on, where young minds are fuelled with determination to make a difference. 

Who Attends?

This workshop is for high potential young women age 14 to 16 years old who have ambitions, goals and dreams to be successful and make a difference in the world. Places booked for this course need to be done so by a responsible adult teacher, parent or guardian. Young women attending also need to be accompanied by an adult (there are plenty of great places in our building for adults accompanying attendees to relax, connect with others and catch up on emails). We are also able to provide letters to schools about this course.

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