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“If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit”


Research shows a significant gender gap in workplace burnout, with women bearing a disproportionate burden of stress, therefore prioritising women’s wellbeing is essential for addressing gender equality worldwide. Often, we delay addressing our health challenges, normalising unhealthy lifestyles which takes a toll on both physical and mental well-being. When we struggle to transition from busyness to a state of relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation, we remain trapped in fight or flight mode or resort to ineffective coping mechanisms, leading to health issues effecting performance and productivity.


Female talent is vital for global progress, therefore this transformation class is gentle reminder of your inherent strength and power to over come life challenges. Devoted to the women that want to make a difference but require assistance in transforming their relationship to stress. Discover effective techniques to release stress from the body and nurture inner resilience that can be effortlessly integrated into daily life. One woman’s self care becomes a powerful example and inspiration to outgrow and transform old models of living.


The meditation class runs for one hour, after each session, there’s an optional 30 minute sharing circle for insights and Q&A, we highly recommend as a wonderful opportunity to integrate. Attendee's can stay after for tea, coffee, connect or work on their creative ideas. Regular attendance supports to integrate these skills into everyday life.

What Makes Us Different?

  • The first company in the UK and a 22 year track record of running inspirational, research-supported workshops designed specifically for the needs and aspirations of women.
  • Our sessions are not about women changing or being 'fixed', they are about skill development, the world needing to catch up with women and what we can do to accelerate that change. 
  • 1-for-1 sponsorship initiative ensures that every paying participant is also a catalyst for another woman’ to attend fostering a supportive, pay-it-forward community of female leaders.
  • Small group allowing for a unique and personal experience.
  • Follow up coaching and support available.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore holistic approaches to mental, physical, emotional wellness, integrating mindfulness, mediation and self regulation practices to support overall health and vitality.
  • Release stagnant energy, enabling a shift from past worries into future possibilities and feeling alive in the present moment.
  • Tone the vagus nerve through targeted techniques, promoting a resilient nervous system and enhanced overall wellbeing, feeling empowered to navigate life challenges with greater ease.
  • Acquire practical self care tools for releasing stress from the body and creating a sense of groundedness and peace amidst life’s demands.
  • Enhance body’s ability and resilience to change, enabling you to gracefully navigate through life transitions and pressure with confidence.
  • Let go of the days stress and unwind from busy schedules so you can connect deeper with your loved ones and find a sense of fulfilment and joy in relationships.
  • Strengthen self perception and body awareness, gaining insights into individual stress responses and creating a harmonious relationship with the body.
  •  Overcome health challenges and reclaim empowerment in personal health and wellbeing


Sophia Room at Coldbath Square, London, UK

Sophia is named after Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, a prominent suffragette and one of the first non-white suffragettes in the UK. This is the perfect place for those that need to take time out of their busy lives for a boost of positive energy and space to breath. After all, to drive positive change in your own life and the lives of others, we must nurture our well-being so that we are equipped to tackle challenges with renewed vigour!

Who Attends?

This class is tailored for women with busy schedules who struggle to unwind and carve out time for self care. Attendees are often caught up in the constant busyness, yearning for a more balanced lifestyle and seeking empowerment in their health and wellbeing. They are driven individuals who recognise the importance of self care but find it challenging to prioritise it in their hectic schedules. These women are eager to find effective strategies to switch off from their daily demand without feeling guilty, they want to reclaim control over their time and health and be more receptive to deeper and more fulfilling connection with others.

How to find us

  • Date : 07-03-2024
  • Time : 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm (Europe/London)

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