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Your Power networK


Aspire in collaboration with Innovate UK KTN, part of Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, brings you Your Power Network.


Our goal to connect amazing women across the UK to make a difference and connect with the visionary ideas, valuable contacts, and supportive communities to drive positive change. The world we live in faces ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges, which are felt regionally, nationally and globally. Creating a powerful network, allies and influence is critical to making a difference to ourselves, our businesses and the wider world.


Women are setting up and scaling businesses like never before and oversee a growing proportion of businesses in the UK with a fifth of all businesses led by all-female teams.


Women believe that financial, social, ethical and environmental considerations in business are an integral part of success. 44% of women-led businesses consider themselves to be a social enterprise. This growing way of doing business is a force for change, a way to connect to your life's purpose, help others find theirs, and make a difference in the world (all while making a good living too!).


From education to health care to agriculture to retail and renewable energy and much more, women entrepreneurs are implementing new ideas and creating value for customers, stakeholders and the world at large!


But within our busy lives, it can take a real effort to network and selling your ideas and passions can seem like a chore, time consuming or just plain difficult to connect with the right people.


But a power network can save us time, gain us access to innovators, funders, mentors and much more.


If it's time to raise the bar and make a real difference, join us!

Join us and:

  • Gain inspiration and empowerment to grow and strengthen your business on the 'Triple Bottom Line' of people, profits and planet.
  • Learn about the skill sets of pioneers and innovators that make a difference.
  • Be part of a community of changemakers using networking as a force for good.
  • Meet a diverse set of great people, take some time out for yourself and recharge.
  • Improve your innovative thinking, regain your vision and energy to move forward.
  • Bring some of your real challenges and receive ideas, contacts, and support.
  • Overcome what stops you networking and gain a plan to solve that.
  • Share your passions with a new like-minded force for change across the UK.

These events are for:

  • Female founders of businesses, charities or social enterprises who want to make a bigger difference, grow their skills, networks and thinking to the next level.
  • Women working in corporations, professional services and coaching who are interested in coming along to support/mentor or encourage women owned enterprises to make a difference and who also want to develop their own network.
  • Male allies that want to be part of a movement empowering women and who also want to make a difference and expand their own networks.


Etc Venues Manchester

11 Portland St, Manchester M1 3HU, UK


Innovate UK KTN, part of Innovate UK, exists to connect innovators with new partners and new opportunities beyond their existing thinking – accelerating ambitious ideas into real-world solutions.


The world we live in faces ever-changing societal, environmental, and economic challenges, which are felt regionally, nationally, and also globally. At Innovate UK KTN our mission is to connect ideas, people, and communities to respond to these challenges and drive positive change through innovation. Our diverse connections span business, government, funders, research and the third sector.


This seminar will be facilitated by Dr. Sam Collins, CEO of Aspire. Founded in 2001, Aspire was the first pioneering company in the UK to specialise in coaching and leadership development for women and is an internationally recognised and award-winning leader in leadership events, coaching and research.


Sam was named as an "Inspirational Trailblazer" by Brummel Magazine, "One of the Top 10 Executive Coaches in the UK" by The Independent on Sunday and recognised by her late Majesty, The Queen as one of "The Top 200 Women in the UK to Impact Business and Industry".

  • Date : 20-02-2024
  • Time : 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (Europe/London)

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