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Ensuring full participation in leadership and decision-making

In a world that yearns for positive change, we extended our hand to the Aspire community and asked for help. Our mission? To uncover those fearless initiatives boldly championing towards the goals of UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Gender Equality. 

What we discovered was nothing short of extraordinary: women of the Aspire community working with unwavering commitment for all women and girls around the world. They’re all working towards an equal world. Now, it’s your turn..

Tallawah Justice for Women

Tallawah was founded in 2021 by Lorraine Smith-van Lin, an international human rights lawyer, who was inspired by the strength and resilience of women survivor and grassroots leaders in Northern Uganda, a region that had been ravaged by a 20-year insurgency during which many women and girls were captured by a notorious rebel group and kept as sexual slaves and forced wives. Despite what they had suffered, many of the women started their own informal organisations to help fellow victims, but lacked skills and resources to be effective.


Tallawah works to connect the women leaders through a support network, equip them through training and capacity building, and facilitates access to key decision-making platforms to amplify their voices. We work in partnership with these women and rely on their collective strength to advocate for survivor-centred justice solutions, systemic policy changes and more equitable structures for women.

Tallawah’s mission is dedicated to achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls and aligns with target 5.1, 5.2, 5.5 and 5.c of the UN Sustainable Goals.

Find out more about us through this video or our website.

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project has a more than 40-year track record of standing in partnership with people living in poverty as they work to end their own chronic hunger. We reach communities across rural Africa, South Asia and Latin America. To ensure long-lasting, community-led action, we train volunteer leaders, who carry on local efforts to improve health and nutrition, education, food security and family income.

Our Vision
Our vision is a world without hunger.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate individual and collective action to transform the systems of inequity that create hunger and cause it to persist. We carry this out with an approach that is based on three fundamental pillars that, when combined, empower people to make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty:

  • Mobilising people at the grassroots
  • Supporting women as key change agents
  • Forging partnerships with local government
The Hunger Project 2

Our Approach
Our programmes throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America are based on an innovative, holistic approach, through which women and men living in rural villages become the agents of their own development and make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty. Our community partners set and achieve their own priorities by developing their capacities, leadership, and confidence through their participation in our programmes. Our model supports communities in taking action now, as opposed to a model of top-down service delivery.

We work with women
We firmly believe that empowered women are key change agents and are an essential element to achieving the end of hunger and poverty. When women are able to access resources and support, we see them shift community priorities toward issues of sanitation, nutrition, health and education. Having participated in our programmes, both women and men can see that gender discrimination harms everyone.


Find out more about us here.

The Hunger Project 3

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