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Ending discrimination against women and girls

In a world that yearns for positive change, we extended our hand to the Aspire community and asked for help. Our mission? To uncover those fearless initiatives boldly championing towards the goals of UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Gender Equality. 

What we discovered was nothing short of extraordinary: women of the Aspire community working with unwavering commitment for all women and girls around the world. They’re all working towards an equal world. Now, it’s your turn..



We are the Bangladeshi Women’s Association of Essex (BWAE). We were formed in 2001 by Mrs. Jahanara Loqueman and a small handful of members of the community. Now we are more than 200 Bangladeshi, Mauritian, Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan women and children working in the community to increase our visibility and agency, whilst contributing to community life in general in Colchester, UK.

Our services have grown and grown and now we have a considerable network. We organise events, we work in partnership with the NHS to bring greater transparency and collaboration between major institutions and individuals, we get our members out and about in the community through our allotment, through our partner projects and by acting as a gateway between people and services. Our community is happier, healthier and much more active and visible.

Find out more about us here.

Women for Women International

Christine Opani speaks at a class of Women for Women Change Agents. The women were discussing their ability to find power within them to change negative aspects of their lives within the community and make them positive. They spoke about having confidence, and how it helps them to have a voice to engange in many aspects of their lives and community. Yei, South Sudan.

Women for Women International invests where inequality is greatest by helping women survivors of war and conflict. Since 1993, we invested in the power of over 550,000 women across 17 conflict-affected countries, creating a ripple effect that makes the world more equal, peaceful and prosperous.

Participants at Shekhan center learning sewing skills

Through our year-long Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme, women learn the skills they need to rebuild their families and communities. Women who join the programme connect with each other to form support networks, are equipped with the skills to earn an income and save, and gain knowledge and resources to care for their families, and defend their rights. Women use their power together, passing it on to neighbours and their children for lasting change.

Find out more about us here.


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