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Empowering girls through education

In a world that yearns for positive change, we extended our hand to the Aspire community and asked for help. Our mission? To uncover those fearless initiatives boldly championing towards the goals of UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Gender Equality. 

What we discovered was nothing short of extraordinary: women of the Aspire community working with unwavering commitment for all women and girls around the world. They’re all working towards an equal world. Now, it’s your turn..

Kamila Sidiqi

Kamila Sidiqi 2

During the first Taliban regime in the early 1990’s, Kamila ran an underground tailoring business and refused to accept defeat when there seemed to be no hope for women in Afghanistan. She created work and income for over 150 women through sheer willpower and determination. She refuses to give up hope once again and strongly believes that Afghan girls have the same right to education that is enjoyed by men and boys in the country.


Together with Olga Travlos, she launched the Kamila Sidiqi Foundation in 2022, an initiative that seeks to support Afghan girls who have been banned from school in safely continuing their education. The foundation supports out-of-job women educators in running safe classes for girls in Kabul.

Kamila Sidiqi 3

Our team of educators across Kabul is working to help young girls continue their learning in crucial areas like Mathematics, Science, Information Technology and English.


Our work does not focus on education alone and our educators are actively working to ensure the mental health and well-being of girls who come from different backgrounds. Many of these girls were suffering from depression before joining the classes. They have been barred from school and most of them come from families that are facing financial struggles and are not available to afford even the most basic amenities for their children.

Kamila Sidiqi

We conduct classes for girls above 11 years of age who should have been at school but can’t attend classes (Taliban does not permit girls older than 11 to study in a school or attend college), in safe houses and locations across Kabul. We hope to be able to help girls in different provinces and locations and bring hope to as many lives as possible.

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