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It’s all in the eyes - observations by a visitor

It's all in the eyes

If you want to see the impact of a workshop at Aspire, I invite you to watch the eyes.

Watch women begin to speak in a group task.
Their eyes on their notes, on their hands, the floor, the walls.
Watch as their confidence grows, their gaze becomes steady, direct, assured.

Watch as they are given feedback by the women around them.
Watch their eyes light up.
Eyes crinkling in a smile.
Eyes shining with emotions.
Eyes welling up at the support, the sincerity.
Eyes blazing with determination.
Determination to hold onto this moment. This feeling.
Determination to make a difference.

Watch the eyes.
Watch the women learn, support and grow together.
Watch them glowing as they leave.

And tell me, that’s not something truly special.