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Constance Boardroom

This elegant boardroom is named after Lady Constance Lytton. Though she was born and raised in the privileged class of British society, she went undercover as a working woman multiple times to draw attention to the suffrage movement. When she was imprisoned for protests, she used an alias to avoid receiving special treatment. 

Constance is decorated in white, black and silver. In the context of suffragette colours, suffragette white represented truth and suggested that women could be expected to better society. Also, in massive suffrage parades, white-clad women contrasted with the crowds of darkly dressed men. It was practical too. White dresses were consistently in style, relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain! 


This room was created to inspire the next generation of women leaders. It is an ideal setting for meetings, courses and training for managers and leaders as well as a space to empower young women and girls, providing them with the inspiration and skills they need to champion gender equality. Let it be a space where the torch of activism is passed on, where young minds are fuelled with determination to soar in their career and make a difference.to others.