Announcement: The M.A.D. Co-coaching Initiative 2020 Launch

“What we need right now is to come together and radically change the world fast.”–Dr. Sam Collins

Aspire for Equality is very pleased to announce the 2020 launch of the M.A.D (Making a Difference) Co-coaching Initiative that begins today, February 17th, 2020.

With 2020 being the centenary of suffrage and a key election year in the U.S., and the rest of the world grappling with issues ranging from climate change to equality to issues of racial and religious tolerance, things are now shaping the world stage that will affect us all for decades to come.

While the M.A.D Co-coaching Initiative is built on the success of our flagship mentoring programme that positively impacted the lives of 18 million women and girls in 80 countries across the world, there are some key innovations Aspire is excited to share.

Discoveries and new directions

“One of the most amazing discoveries of the previous mentoring format,” said Dr. Sam Collins, CEO of Aspire for Equality, ”was just how much the mentors were inspired by the mentees. Nobody anticipated how much they would become a powerful source of inspiration, partnership and motivation for all of us.”

While the flagship mentoring initiative was an incredible success, the relationship dynamic was based on a traditional top down mentoring model. Ultimately, it was felt this style of mentoring was readily available in other formats.

So when innovating the new co-coaching programme, Aspire asked how we might better mobilise women to be agents of social change in 2020, and how we could make social impact the primary focus of the programme.

“Because what we need right now, more than ever,” Dr. Collins said, “is to come together and radically change the world fast.”

An equal platform for change

When working for social change, feelings of overwhelm and a sense of isolation are more common than is realised. Women who are active now, or who want to be more active in making a difference can sometimes feel as if the whole world is on their shoulders.

This is especially true when family, friends, culture, or environment are not sympathetic to the change needed to make it a better world for us all. And if we’re not careful, we can spiral into a “lone wolf” mentality, which dilutes our impact and makes it hard to keep up morale.

With the M.A.D. Co-coaching Initiative, Aspire for Equality has created a revolutionary time efficient platform of equality for women to be paired with a peer, from a different industry or country, in order to offer coaching, support and encourage each other in achieving their goals to create positive change in the world. The peer-based, co-coaching model will provide each participant with a listening ear, encouragement, support and cheerleading, rather than traditional mentoring focused on career advice or direction.

The programme will dramatically enhance the impact you and your co-coach will make in the world by helping you to:

Get clear on your M.A.D. goals and how you can make more of a difference starting right now, from wherever you are, regardless of your level of experience.

Exchange support and accountability with a partner who cares about getting results as much as you do.

Encourage ideas and diverse insights by learning from someone with different goals, perspectives, and challenges.

Expand listening, encouraging, and coaching skills through provided regular training sessions.

Keep you on track and be able to both give and receive coaching to another woman.

“We often have all the good intentions in the world but life and work gets in the way. If women have the support of other women and we become less busy with the day to day, we will solve many of the world’s problems,” said Collins.

Aspire for Equality is now accepting applications, and the program will begin on February 17th, 2020.

The only cost to join is your commitment in time and energy to spend one hour per month over the next 6 months. Men are also welcome and encouraged to join.

If you’re ready to be part of a global movement of women trailblazing change, click here to apply to join the 2020 M.A.D Co-coaching Initiative now!

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