Over 50% of attendees come to our events with others. This can be attending with 1 or 2 people or sending a larger group of up to 20 or 30 people.

10% discount on normal rate for 2 people
15% discount for 3-5 people
20% discount for 6-9 people
25% discount for 10 people plus 

Over the past 20 years of Aspire, we have found that taking the time away from daily life and your organisation provides new inspiration, diverse perspectives, innovative ideas and an escape from ‘business as usual’ that surpasses an internal course or training event where everyone is from the same organisation.

The benefits of attending Aspire events with others include:        
  • The space and time to work on your career, personal and workplace goals in a safe and inspiring environment, outside of the office.
  • Business return on investment as female employees grow as role models, leaders and in their personal motivation, job satisfaction and life balance. 
  • Network with a wide range of corporates, entrepreneurs and not for profits with similar challenges yet different organisational backgrounds, making the programme full of new ideas and thought leadership.  
  • Women from the same company who attend together network together across hierarchies and departments. Aspire programmes facilitate a platform for discussion within your company which continues post-event. 
  • Conversation and mentoring groups continue post the event and are often created within the organisation, increasing engagement and retention. 
  • Systemic and cultural changes occur back at work as a result of actions and commitments made on the day and content that can be cascaded to others (both men and women) on the return to work.  

"The vibe though Avtrade has changed since I stumbled across Aspire for Equality. Today we’re a force for change, inspiration and encouragement to leaders (whatever gender) and to all staff across the company."

 Tracy Keegan

Director of Contract Management, Avtrade Ltd

“We had a really positive experience and we’ve received great feedback from our group of female employees who have participated in webinars to date. Would I recommend Aspire for Equality? Absolutely!”

Laura Howard

Global Lead HR Business Partner - IS, AstraZeneca 

“Over 300 female managers and partners have attended the Aspire for Equality course and the feedback has been incredibly positive. Reports of increased self-confidence, clearer vision in terms of building and progressing careers means a greater chance that these people will stay with us. That is very positive for them as individuals as for us as a business. A win: win.”

Mark Shefield

Management Executive Partner, BDO LLP

"It’s been a pleasure to watch the fantastic impact your work has had on our group, to watch people respond to and develop from what they have learnt from you and to see so many of them grow as a result of being part of your sessions. What you do is powerful, how you make people feel is hugely positive and I too have learnt a lot, grown in confidence, altered my mindset and picked up some bright ideas along the way."

Kathryn Kennedy

Leadership, Talent & Inclusion, The Home Office

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