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Leadership Presence and Impact Workshop

October 14 - 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Presence and impact are consistently rated by CEOs as the number 1 most important skill to be a successful leader, over and above intelligence, experience and technical expertise. It is the “wow” factor that sets you up for your next step up, gives your career or company that extra boost, and enable you to create powerful results.

Whatever your level, job, or industry, we are all leaders in our lives, work and world. From graduates to managers to business owners to executives, join Dr Sam Collins, Founder of Aspire and named as ‘One of the Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry’ by Her Majesty The Queen and ‘A Woman Shaping the World’ by CNN, for an inspirational and practical day of learning, networking and transformation with a diverse and supportive group.

Are you reaching your life, work and career potential?

How much confidence, credibility and charisma do you display?

Is it time to maximise your ability to positively influence others?

Often described as gravitas, authority and the elusive X factor, presence and impact are some of the greatest keys to being successful.

Leadership presence and impact doesn’t automatically come with your education, your talent or your business results. It is entirely subjective. It depends on how others perceive you. We can face unique challenges when it comes to being perceived as a leader and can adopt a “good student” mentality – in which we believe that if we just keep our head down and work hard, that others are bound to notice and reward us.

Benefits you'll gain:
  • Learn how to project gravitas with confidence, poise under pressure and decisiveness.
  • Demonstrate your unique presence through communication, conviction, intention, and knowledge.
  • Regain positive control when interrupted or criticised.
  • Increase your self-confidence, the personality trait most responsible for an individual being seen as having leadership presence.
  • Be heard in a roomful of loud, assertive people. Own the room and command respect.
  • Attract followers by being self-motivated, assured, and willing to take risks.
  • Overcome fears and be confident even when you have self doubts.
  • Thrive in difficult situations and with challenging or even toxic people, teams and cultures.
  • Set inspiring goals for the impact that you aspire to have in your career, organisation and/or in your industry, community or world.
  • Receive first-hand honest and supportive feedback on your current presence and impact strengths and how to take them to the next level.
  • Gain clarity on your strengths, talents, weaknesses and biases.
  • Know about unconscious bias with regards to leadership presence and impact and what to do (and not do) about it.
  • Experience in-room practice and real-time discussion with a supportive and inspiring peer group.
  • Get out of the office for a day and have the time and space to focus on yourself.
  • Increase your social capital and external network with tangible business and personal benefits.
  • Gain new ideas and contribute to your organisational diversity and inclusion goals.
  • Leave with an action plan, support, accountability ‘buddy’ and planning method.

Covid Protocols & Cancellation Policy

We are committed to the safety and well-being of all our event attendees, volunteers and staff members by implementing our safety protocols to help prevent the spread of the COVID.

Who is the event for?

From graduates to managers to executives, we welcome women and men from all industries, sectors and backgrounds. This creates an environment of new ideas and thought leadership.

Aspire’s specialism is to trailblaze change for women and as our community grows we’re also working for equality for everyone, everywhere. And as we grow we’re working with more and more men who are demanding change for women and who aspire for a more tolerant, equitable world for everyone.

£795 plus VAT

£595 for charities, not for profits and self funding individuals.

Discounts available for groups.



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"I can’t honestly remember the last time I learnt so much about myself and was inspired to such an extent. I found it incredible that we could have got that much insight in such a short space of time. I’m really glad I took the time out for this, and have recommended your organisation”

Alison O'Brien

Head of Tesco Business Unit, Kellogg Company

"Having recently attended the Leadership Presence & Impact workshop, I am truly feeling inspired, with increased confidence and self-awareness. It is a highly valuable investment in you."

Karen Casserly

Programme Director, Virgin Media

"Wow! What a day. You’ve converted me from a strident sceptic of all courses to an avid fan of yours. Thanks again for giving me the rocket boost I needed"

Nadine Smith

Global Marketing and Communications Director, Centre for Public Impact.

"I attend Aspire events to get powerful strategic insight into the next steps for my professional development, combined with the energy and support to take it forward and make a difference. At my first Aspire event, I thought 'I've found my people'. I always feel welcome."

Brian Ballantyne

Regional Manager, Amazon

"Very refreshing. So often I am motivated whilst in the room but then lose that feeling as soon as I leave. This is different and feels like I have some realistic goals and things I can change."

Nicola Tassell

Senior Counsel, 3i Group plc

“Over 300 managers and partners have attended the course over time and the feedback has been incredibly positive. Reports of increased self-confidence, clearer vision in terms of building and progressing careers means a greater chance that these people will stay with us. That is very positive for them as individuals as for us as a business. A win:win.”

Mark Sherfield

Management Executive Partner, BDO LLP

Plus an additional 10% discount for 2 people
15% discount for 3-5 people
20% discount for 6-9 people
25% discount for 10 + people

Payment below via credit card.

To request an invoice payment or for multiple attendees/groups please email jennifer@aspirecompanies.com 

Click here to purchase corporate ticket £795 plus VAT.

Click here to purchase charity/not for profit/self funding ticket £595 plus VAT.

Over 50% of attendees come to Aspire events with others.

10% discount on normal rate for 2 people
15% discount for 3-5 people
20% discount for 6-9 people
25% discount 10 people plus.

Over the past 2o years of Aspire, we have found that taking the time away from daily life and your organisation provides new inspiration, diverse perspectives, innovative ideas and an escape from ‘business as usual’ that surpasses an internal course or training event where everyone is from the same organisation.

“We had a really positive experience and we’ve received great feedback from our group of female employees who have participated in events to date. Would I recommend Aspire for Equality? Absolutely!” – Laura Howard, Global Lead HR Business Partner, IS, Astrazeneca

“A massive thank you for an incredibly thought provoking workshop….we now have 30+ women empowered to share some messages and learning in our organisation.” – Laura Simarro, HR Business Partner, Thames Water Utilities Limited

“It’s been a pleasure to watch the fantastic impact your work has had on our group, to watch people develop from what they have learnt from you and to see so many of them grow as a result of being part of your sessions. What you do is powerful. I too have learnt a lot, grown in confidence, altered my mindset and picked up some bright ideas along the way.” – Kathryn Kennedy, Leadership, Talent & Inclusion, The Home Office

“Over 300 female managers and partners have attended the course over time and the feedback has been incredibly positive. Reports of increased self-confidence, clearer vision in terms of building and progressing careers means a greater chance that these people will stay with us. That is very positive for them as individuals as for us as a business. A win:win.” – Mark Sherfield, Management Executive Partner, BDO LLP

“Great content, fantastic energy and a room full of invigorated, inspired leaders. Thanks for your amazing vision and for taking us all along with you. The vibe though Avtrade has changed since I stumbled across Aspire. Today we’re a force for change, inspiration and encouragement to leaders (whatever gender) and to all staff across the company.” – Tracy Keegan, Director of Contract Management, Avtrade Ltd

“Our group of female leaders are more confident, assertive, better networkers and thriving as a consequence of attending your program. I am now counting on them to pay that forward by supporting, encouraging and coaching other women who are trying to find their purpose, voice and authentic leadership style in their careers.” – Elizabeth Vega, Global CEO, Informed Solutions

“I left feeling re-energised, re-focused and strong! I have already received feedback from other team members who attended the Aspire workshop who are applying their new-found techniques with positive impact and I am confident they will become a network of trailblazing women within our organisation and beyond.” – Diane Smith, Head of Talent, Learning and Development, Babcock International Group

Dr. Sam Collins, CEO & Founder, Aspire

“Rebellious – Women Who Broke the Rules and Changed their World”

Sam is a leading global voice on women’s leadership and change for workplaces, organisational culture and community impact. Sam has been named one of the ‘Top 200 Women to Impact Business & Industry’ by Her Majesty, The Queen, one of the ‘Top 10 Coaches’ by The Independent and ‘Leader in the Workplace’ in the Ogûnte Women’s Social Leadership Awards. She has contributed to The Financial Times, The Guardian, CNN, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, the BBC World Service and Psychologies Magazine. She is also the author of the Amazon bestselling book, ‘Radio Heaven – One Woman’s Journey to Grace’ and soon to be launched ‘Rebellious – Women Who Broke the Rules and Changed Their World’. Sam is originally from the UK and now splits her time between the US and travelling globally for Aspire events and programmes.

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