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Aspire Bold Leadership Conference 2022

December 6 - 9:30 am - December 7 - 5:30 pm

Join us for a 2-day conference event to renew your clarity, reinspire your purpose, and reignite your passion.

The clock is ticking and our workplaces, communities and planet need bold leadership to make a difference for now and the future. The time is here, join leaders from across industries, levels and backgrounds to step up, lead change and make a transformational difference to your life, career, workplace, organisation and world.

Hear from the visionaries, pioneers and leaders and Dr Sam Collins, named as ‘One of the Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry’ by Her Majesty The Queen and ‘A Woman Shaping the World’ by CNN.

Within the short span of the past 2 years of insecurity and instability, COVID created a “shadow epidemic” and a backward slide in equality. Regardless of our cultural shifts, confidence levels, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, and uncertainty about our direction is at an all time high.

Top it off with balancing home life, child-care, elder-care, and let’s face it, even the dishes, and we’re left with a massive “to do” list and soaring stress levels.

Women and men want to be more, make our work, lives and impact more meaningful and more balanced. We are finally understanding the importance of our mental health and well being. We want to make a difference and have purpose in our homes, our workplaces, our communities.

Aspire Bold Leadership is not about taking a reckless cliff dive as you plummet helplessly towards the ground. It is about learning to fly, to take care of your responsibilities with resilience and hope for the future. It is about an inspired leap— because when you’re inspired, the fears disappear.

This is your call to the pursuit of equality, balance and change.

This is your call to take a big deep breath, heave a collective sigh with us, and jump!  

OPTIONAL PRE EVENT - Living B.O.L.D - December 5th 2pm - 5pm
  • Bravery by learning to set aside outdated beliefs, moving through the fears, and creating change in the post-COVID world.
  • Optimism for your own personal potential and that of others, realising that the world has your back.
  • Love and expressing your purpose from the heart, discovering the depth of self-care and respect for yourself and others.
  • Daring attitudes to stop looking and start leaping and leading the way out of organizational and social norms to follow a different path.
B.O.L.D. Career and Workplace - December 6th 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Discover your unique strengths, values, and passions to design the best use of your talents and potential.
  • Inspire yourself with an empowering vision of the future—lead and inspire others by truly feeling it yourself.
  • Rethink your work/life balance and what a resilient, healthy and sustainable balance looks like.
  • Explore the latest research and ideas on wellbeing, health and time management.
  • Learn new strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome, stress, and low energy.
  • Figure out your next inspired step - project, promotion, portfolio career or leadership role.
  • Evolve your skills as a change agent by hearing from speakers who are leading the way.
  • Network with others to gain new perspectives, innovative ideas, feedback, and tips on the challenges you are looking to address.
  • Get out of the office to focus on your development. Keeps you on your toes and out of your inbox.
B.O.L.D. Community & World - December 7th 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Develop the unique skill sets of pioneers, visionaries and change makers making a difference to others.
  • Discover and direct your passions for the good of others.
  • Understand your unique purpose and how to apply it within your job, organizational, industry or world.
  • Develop the skills to serve others as a leader and inspire them to explore new frontiers.
  • Learn the latest ideas and research to advance organizational change and diversity and inclusion.
  • Define ways to implement corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship as a business force for good.
  • Grassroot ideas on how we as individuals can make a difference to local and global social issues.
  • Learn more about the triple bottom line - people, profits and planet.
  • Network with others and catch their magic and inspiration to get to your next level of making a difference.
  • Leave with an inspiring and practical action plan that will propel you and others to make your goals a reality.

Programme includes:

  • Inspirational and powerful talks from real world speakers.
  • In-person and hybrid options
  • Engaging interactive content with step by step exercises.
  • Latest research, reading list, resources and tools
  • Networking across industries, ages and backgrounds.
  • Quiet time and reflective moments.
  • ‘Help Exchange’ to give and receive ideas and contacts among attendees.

We are running Aspire Bold Leadership in an “Unconference” style, avoiding the traditional aspects of a conventional conference, no sponsored presentations, no advertising, unscripted and real interviews, and plenty of space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and creativity.

What’s an Aspire Conference like?

They have been described as “different to anything else, best in class, inspiring, powerful, space to think, challenging, innovative, fun, life changing and empowering”.

And in celebration of Aspire’s 21st birthday, you can expect a bit of a party. 

Who’s it for?
Women, men, all genders, backgrounds, ages, and industries. From graduates to managers to executives and ages from 7 years old (our work experience programme) to 70 years old, we affirm that diversity and inclusion creates innovative thinking, way more fun and ground breaking ideas.

Those attending can focus on their own personal, career or leadership development and/or they can bring their organisational development, HR, CSR, business and community projects to the event as a way to work on them during the conference.

2 Day Tickets £495 plus VAT | 1 Day Tickets £295 plus VAT | Virtual Tickets £195 plus VAT

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until August 31st, 2022

1 for 1 | Buy a place and fund a scholarship place for someone who cannot afford to attend.



Regents University, London
Regents Park, Inner Circle
London, NW1 4NS United Kingdom

"Personally and professionally, the best investment in training and development that I have made over a 30 year career (which included a medical degree and an MBA!). I have come away with the confidence and tools to make my impact exponentially higher."

Dr Penny Woods

Chief Executive, British Lung Foundation

“Genuinely the best event of this type I've ever been to. Extremely valuable in terms of fleshing out goals for personal and professional development and, perhaps more importantly, identifying tools and accountability measures to achieve these goals. I left feeling optimistic and confident in my abilities.”

Agnes Bastaert

EU Government Affairs Manager, Euronext

"I attend Aspire events to get powerful strategic insight into the next steps for my professional development, combined with the energy and support to take it forward and make a difference. Aspire attendees are often working on important initiatives where there isn't a well-trodden path to follow, so Dr Sam Collins gives us Aspire perspectives and toolkits that embolden us to blaze new trails that re-write established maps. At my first Aspire event, I thought 'I've found my people'. I always feel welcome."

Brian Ballantyne

Regional Manager, Amazon

"What a fabulous, truly international experience the Conference was! I came with three goals (personal development, network extension and new ideas to support women's progression in our firm) and this conference delivered on all three!"

Bev Lockwood

North Region Change Lead, PWC

"The most memorable days of my career, eye opening sessions on liberating women in leadership, self reflection and learning from a hall filled with some of England’s most powerful leaders with such admirable and honest journeys. Wonderful experience"

Samara Alkadhy

Project Manager, Thames Water

"Whilst Aspire have a strong focus on gender diversity and women leaders, as a man, I feel totally included and equally supported. I have recommended Aspire to many people and will continue to do so."

John Fenech

International Organisational Development, The Bank of New York Mellon

“Feeling inspired, energised, on a mission, empowered, grateful and truly wanting to make a difference. I would describe it as an event that nourishes the soul.  I intend to take action and make the change!”

Melanie Thomas

Head of NYR Business Development, Neal's Yard Remedies

"It was very inspiring, very uplifting and nothing like I thought it was going to be… yes, it was focused on empowering women, but without excluding men, and I loved that."

Aaron Braxton


“So inspiring and a kick start to becoming making a difference leaders. We truly can change our world for good. I had hoped that was possible – but had no idea how, or if, I could make a difference. I now know we will because we are going to do it together.”

Anne Bishop

Chief Executive, British Association of Urological Surgeons

“So much excellent content at the Aspire conference. Stories from different walks of lives, corporate, social enterprise, women out in the world doing amazing things. Let them spur us on all to be catalysts for change in our lives and communities.”

Wendy Gardener

Director- Retail Industry, Salesforce

"Stop and sign up. Aspire allowed me to focus on ME and MY goals and was the best decision I have made for a long time!."

Sue Kernahan

General Manager, Coloplast LTD

10% discount for 2 people
15% discount for 3-5 people
20% discount for 6-9 people
25% discount for 10 people plus

Payment below via credit card. To request an invoice payment or for multiple attendees/groups please email jennifer@aspirecompanies.com

Click HERE to purchase corporate EARLY BIRD 2 day in person ticket £495 plus VAT.

Click HERE to purchase corporate EARLY BIRD 1 day December 6th in person ticket £295 plus VAT.

Click HERE to purchase corporate EARLY BIRD 1 day December 7th in person ticket £295 plus VAT.

Click HERE to purchase corporate EARLY BIRD hybrid virtual ticket £195 plus VAT.




Although we do not have onsite accommodation, there are many hotels within a 12-minute walk from the venue – visit HERE to view nearby hotels and prices.

Over 50% of attendees come to Aspire events with others.

10% discount on normal rate for 2 people
15% discount for 3-5 people
20% discount for 6-9 people
25% discount for 10 people plus

To book a group, please email jennifer@aspirecompanies.com

Over the past 20 years of Aspire for Equality, we have found that taking the time away from daily life and your organisation provides new inspiration, diverse perspectives, innovative ideas and an escape from ‘business as usual’ that surpasses an internal course or training event where everyone is from the same organisation.

“We had a really positive experience and we’ve received great feedback from our group of female employees who have participated in events to date. Would I recommend Aspire for Equality? Absolutely!” – Laura Howard, Global Lead HR Business Partner, IS, Astrazeneca

“A massive thank you for an incredibly thought provoking workshop….we now have 30+ women empowered to share some messages and learning in our organisation.” – Laura Simarro, HR Business Partner, Thames Water Utilities Limited

“It’s been a pleasure to watch the fantastic impact your work has had on our group, to watch people develop from what they have learnt from you and to see so many of them grow as a result of being part of your sessions. What you do is powerful. I too have learnt a lot, grown in confidence, altered my mindset and picked up some bright ideas along the way.” Kathryn Kennedy, Leadership, Talent & Inclusion, The Home Office

“Over 300 female managers and partners have attended the course over time and the feedback has been incredibly positive. Reports of increased self-confidence, clearer vision in terms of building and progressing careers means a greater chance that these people will stay with us. That is very positive for them as individuals as for us as a business. A win:win.” – Mark Sherfield, Management Executive Partner, BDO LLP

“Great content, fantastic energy and a room full of invigorated, inspired leaders. Thanks for your amazing vision and for taking us all along with you. The vibe though Avtrade has changed since I stumbled across Aspire. Today we’re a force for change, inspiration and encouragement to leaders (whatever gender) and to all staff across the company.” – Tracy Keegan, Director of Contract Management, Avtrade Ltd

“Our group of female leaders are more confident, assertive, better networkers and thriving as a consequence of attending your programme. I am now counting on them to pay that forward by supporting, encouraging and coaching other women who are trying to find their purpose, voice and authentic leadership style in their careers.” – Elizabeth Vega, Global CEO, Informed Solutions

“I left feeling re-energised, re-focused and strong! I have already received feedback from other team members who attended the Aspire workshop who are applying their new-found techniques with positive impact and I am confident they will become a network of trailblazing women within our organisation and beyond.” – Diane Smith, Head of Talent, Learning and Development, Babcock International Group


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